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The easiest way to think of it is that you have purchased a video news interview where you control the spin. The tone of the interview is conversational.

We start the process by recording a one-on-one interview by phone, Skype, or in our recording studio in Los Angeles. Interview questions are prepared in advance. We use the audio interview as the soundtrack and then illustrate your VIP with media assets that you provide (i.e., spokesperson’s headshot, company logo, still images, graphics and any video you have). This keeps the eye moving and viewer entertained. Key points are highlighted with text. Motion graphics are used to unite the video stylistically. The end result is a visually engaging video employing your media assets timed to your interview. If you do not have any media assets, we’ll use our library of royalty-free images and graphics. Please note that each client receives two rounds of edits prior to final approval of video.

Yes you may. For best quality, submit your video in 1920 by 1080 H264, QuickTime or QuickTime ProRes Format. Delivery Via Dropbox or file send services such as or Wetransfer are accepted. If sending via Dropbox, please send video to

The amount of questions depends on the length of the interview. For example, with a 2 minute video interview presentation, we suggest 2 to 3 questions. This all really depends upon the length of your answers.

We don’t recommend scripted answers because the tone of your interview should be conversational. We do recommend having bullet points that can be used as framework for your interview.

A minimum of 4 minutes is required in order to accommodate two spokespersons.

Since this is not a live interview, we will certainly edit out “ums”, “uhs”, lip smacks, hesitations or stumbles. We can also re-record any answers right there on the spot. With over 23 years of experience, our editing expertise will make you sound like a pro.

We will record your interview by telephone, Skype or in-studio if you are in the Los Angeles area.

We require a 24-hour minimum notice to reschedule your spokesperson’s interview. If you cancel on the day of the recording, there is a $500 rescheduling fee.

We recommend that your spokesperson be in a room that is quiet without any phones ringing, people talking, etc.

Typically within 3 to 5 business days.

We recommend on the day of the interview that you make sure you cover all necessary content at that time. As long as it’s prior to our recording deadline, we can record new content provided you pay our $500 studio fee.

You will notified of our recording deadline upon signing up. For the most part, the recording deadline is firm. However, on occasion, we may be able to get an extension. Please email if you need an extension.

If you are unable to meet our recording/production deadline, for an additional $1,000 fee, we will move your video segment to the next broadcast cycle.

No polarizing political, religious, social or health topics. All topics should be presented as objective topics with no specific agenda. All topics should be neutral. No mention of security and airline travel in a negative light or plane crashes, terrorists, bombs, deaths, or sexually related content that would make passengers feel uncomfortable.